Thursday, 17 February 2011


Eyes right to the left march up and down
keep a focus on shelves around
Never deviate from chosen paths
Make your choices choose your task
Reach and grab then own alone
You have it now
cruise down aisle
Cool in sparks when all the while
like a firework is how you atart
Yes!! You've got it now
In your groove
you really know which way to move
In your stride no one can touch
head held high
strut your stuff
'Look at her go'
hear them say
can only wonder at your way
but you be true
to what you do
cause you're a FIREWORK!!!

(c) Libithina

Inspired from FireworX by Tom Cloverfield featured @onestoppoetry ~ Moonduster Thurs

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sparkly Magical Ruby Shoes

Another days pouring rain bored inside with nothing to gain
SO unpacked from the bags my charity shop find
determined was I to make this pair shine
But to look at them now all worn and torn
soles hanging off bows come undone
colour lacks lustre
leathers gone awry
seen finer days
but I want their wear to be well truly raised
I clear a space for my task to begin, to replace the
scuffed and give it new skin.
I got out my sparkles, glitters and shine
in bright ruby red to make them all mine
Once I began the hours just flew
engrossed was I as inner passions grew.
Sparkle on sparkle in bright ruby red
layer on layer inner souls fed
Heart a flutter as they quickly transformed
to these bright new shoesfrom what was so worn,
Casting aside my comfy flip - flops
the exciteent grew as these were the top
~ Magical even ~ as I'm sure that pair smiled
saying 'click my heels we'll travel the miles'
and so I did and was transported away
to sunnier climes and a much better day
So if you should ask if torrential rain
Then I fulfill desires for soulsful gain.

(c) Libithina

Monday, 14 February 2011

Faery Lovehearts

' How do I love ?' ♥ the faery she asked 'with all ur faeryheart '2 count the ways?' '2 many! 2 know where even to start ♥ #faery #love #poem

. faery roses perfumed so, faery violets sweet, faery jasmines blossoms glow sways in Merry Greet #happyValentinesday #micropoem #poem #faery

faery rose is red, faery violets blue, faery sunflowers petalling gold sunbeamed gems to YOU #happyvalentinesday #micropoem #poem #faery

Happy Valentines ~ ((hugs)) especially to Norb dear Yuki

Candleglow Rose

Gold bright candleglow

Slender budding single rose

enfolding dewdrops

given promised proposals

memorable hearts Romance

~ 14th Feb ~ Romance ~ Tanka (c)Libithina

Candleglow on Libithina's TwitWall

Candleglow on Libithina's TwitWall