Monday, 20 June 2011

~ That May Be Which in June ~

Hears a shivering on the hill,
Dances cutting through woods
Up to knees in bracken leaves
The dawn promises
Sunset glory blazed to the skies
At Midsummer’s Eve
Painting scenes of ribbons ringed round locks of hair
Faster round wheels of
Seasons gathering to and flow
But never to forget the leaves in city streets that bleed at
Longest held dreams more radiant than deepest desires,
Before we knew that time began with even
cloven hoofed to stand but quivering
wings supplied the backbone of that command,
The call of Pan
And the Faerie Queen
Threading intricately patterned
Flutters speedily swings down low from branches hung with dew,
flying so
graceful, swooping swamps in
Seethes reveals continuing
sinuous whispers
spun around rings,
Orange russets flicker spilling fanned decks of shards
Twisting crumbling confetti
Bending beckons with coy innocence tied but all is seldom what it seems
Whirling sycamore seeds near keen listeners
for whisperings enchanted clear.
Shoulder’s stooped
in springing squatting stance
especially entranced
fruitful with finely sharpened grip,
smiling, dripping juiced to finger tips
Filling snails to a fine lined edge.
© Libithina

)0( Norb