Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Storms to Calm

Up to fifteen feet those waves outstretching
streamed over lorry rooves and grooves in
concrete channels
Raging on lashing, crashed against
seafront harbours
'Never seen them that high before'
a couple commented pushing two wheels
It was almost as if those enraging waves knew what was to come
You were a picture of calm but also one of inner knowing
could you have stopped the trajectory of events that were to come
Did they know you had some kind of control
of a destiny that I wouldn't want to know ~ or be apart ~
Enraged were they trying to get through to you
but to no avail
you went anyway
but at least they tried ~
and I hide inside the memory
taking comfort from this pink and yellow stamened flower ~
(c) Libithina 14/9/11

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Times' Stream

~ Times’ Streams ~
come take a walk with me
past streets and roads
that no longer exist
kerouac down lifes stream
memoirs canalside
don’t look too far
watching trains through
barriers drawn
crossing the liftbridge
to the edge of dawns isolation
playing chess
tours beauty
quick cover your head
downpours fast
lightening’s red as fire
enhances definitions
here in a glass box no one’s to touch
ownerships incomplete
visionary vanguard
riverside train pulls in
now it’s blossom time
leaves in a spin
books on a bench
persuasions lent
how to reach in from the past
gentle unguarded eyes
surveys city lights
spans panoramics
with moons in between
ten steps back to come so far
she sees, chases snow through fields
climbing steps to a door in a frame
somethngs changed inside
imperceptible but it has
light breezy cools
straightens glass
slides surfaced polish
times passing
cakes with candles
blazing wishes
silence reflects
ponders why
but is timing right
has it passed
too long
sweet sixteen
played guitar sang the chords
wrote the song
but is this the way it should be
papers rustle
smart and funny
take a gander
clean uncluttered
casting within
illumes conception
never disregards environs complexion
connects captivating skylights
Life Works across a warm horizon
man to boy from the future
to pasts were loved
dedication surveys projects built
I appear in a hurry but I just want to know
My guest from the future
How will it go
I know how their past
Shaped future
Skating iced figured eights
Pirouettes they wait and meet again
But it can be over in a second
All those that love that will never see
But what if there is never anyone
Waiting to see
Shades opening
soft gentle palms
Kindest hearts
Saplings grown
From twiglet borne
Letters boxed
Walks past
Remnants shared
Tweaks the real
Holding fast
To hopes that’ll last
Through time
pressed rose persuades
pervading structures
reaches, struggles to grasp
holding on to faith
will it last
waits, travelling time
foresight foretells
hindsight reveals
the paradox of times paradigm
turns back …
© Libithina 11/9/11