Monday, 20 June 2011

~ That May Be Which in June ~

Hears a shivering on the hill,
Dances cutting through woods
Up to knees in bracken leaves
The dawn promises
Sunset glory blazed to the skies
At Midsummer’s Eve
Painting scenes of ribbons ringed round locks of hair
Faster round wheels of
Seasons gathering to and flow
But never to forget the leaves in city streets that bleed at
Longest held dreams more radiant than deepest desires,
Before we knew that time began with even
cloven hoofed to stand but quivering
wings supplied the backbone of that command,
The call of Pan
And the Faerie Queen
Threading intricately patterned
Flutters speedily swings down low from branches hung with dew,
flying so
graceful, swooping swamps in
Seethes reveals continuing
sinuous whispers
spun around rings,
Orange russets flicker spilling fanned decks of shards
Twisting crumbling confetti
Bending beckons with coy innocence tied but all is seldom what it seems
Whirling sycamore seeds near keen listeners
for whisperings enchanted clear.
Shoulder’s stooped
in springing squatting stance
especially entranced
fruitful with finely sharpened grip,
smiling, dripping juiced to finger tips
Filling snails to a fine lined edge.
© Libithina

)0( Norb


  1. One Stop Poetry ~ thanks to Gay and also to Shay for feature ~ Lib

  2. This is a beautiful midsummer's dream. I love it. From image to image it goes. I like the word play--for instance, seasons gathering to and flow. Clever.

  3. The alliteration throughout is like the melody of wonderland, a sensory delight, a dance of words that coil in related sounds and rhythms. Very beautiful free verse. Gay

  4. Sinuous whispers...laughs. Wonderful imagery! I want to stay! Just beautiful...Helena

  5. Libithina

    I couldn't find an email for you, so please feel free to delete...Your kind words and understanding are welcomed...We both belong to the same club it seems...kindred spirits...I love that you write about fairies...I also dabble a bit about fairies etc...I Love escaping magical realm.

    I have since posted this on my prose... I have chosen to share this prose to demonstrate how writing allows me to process my grief. I am currently revisiting that time and writing my personal account of healing through loss, in the hopes that by doing so, it may show others how writing can be a doorway to get to the other side of healing a pain that one thinks will never heal.

    Please know that I do continue to feel deep loss, yet the love that I have for Lacy (Chantelle) remains. However, the emotional pain is filtered and softened the more that I write and share my story.


  6. Love the imagery of the midsummer dream in this...I don't want to leave..lovely write Lib! :)

  7. this is lovely free verse...i got so caught up in your imagery that flowed one to another coming to the end i paused...

  8. Beautiful imagery, beautiful poem :)

  9. I love the title. It's different. Almost sounds like a novel. lol The way you position your text creates a cool blur effect to the eye when reading the lines "Faster round wheels of..." Very cool. "confetti" part, and just prior, was very intense. Great allusions too.

  10. a great swirling mix of imagery.

  11. This would work well if read aloud - the faeries are dancing

  12. Yes, I agree with John, the faeries dance and swirl throughout this entire brilliant piece. I love the picture and the way you formed the words around it. Magnificent!

  13. Amazing use of imagery, very well done poem.

  14. A lovely dance of words, thank you and thanks for visiting me and the comment

  15. thankyou all so much for stopping by your wonderful kind words, so utterly appreciated!! and also for joining in the dance ~
    (((( hugs )))) Lib

  16. Beutiful imagery you have captured here! It takes you on a journey begining to end

  17. A magical moment that was much needed today! Your paint a wonderous and fantastic world with your words. Bravo, dear poet Friend, and thank you for making my day a little bit (maybe a whole lot!) better!

  18. You have captured the season with elegant grace.