Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Golden Mile

many a year has passed

since I walked that golden mile

but bright lights were a flickering

and besides I needed the smile

must remember to pack my woolies

as it can chill the bones alright

down at the northern pier

that wind can gather some might

I decided for my journey

I'd hop onto a tram

remembering how my poor feet blistered

I know I'm such a ham

but when those bright lights beamed

illuminations galore

my smiles went out in streams

and I wanted more and more

I stayed beyond the midnight close

before I climbed the tower

had a dance on the ballroom floor

wurlitzered round the hour

safely tucked into my B & B

my energies are dead

until my full English breakfast

with marmalade and spread ;)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


At first glance you may have passed
that dusty box plain rusted
with nails that clasped fixing
an ornamental lock
that should have fastened with a bolt
but that had been long gone
along with the years
when he'd guarded it close
I always in wonderment what it had held
but this was a part of house and estate
and intrepidly now I reached up to take
but still I could not bring to task
to opening up that deep wooden cask
Not too large I decided to polish the grain
waxing I rubbed to glisten again
and there it sat for the whole of the day
with me staring hard wondering what way
I could steal myself to prise open the lid
but there was no other way ~ I clicked
the clasp ~ the lid sprang open and I could see at last
inside that dusty old box ~ was completely empty and clear
puzzled I knocked onto each of the walls nothing concealed
no hidden stalls ~ but wait ~ I see there's a corner upturned
I pulled at the edge as the floor gave way ~ a velvet cloth ~
seemed hidden ~ swathed in threads of silvery gold ~ I untied
the pouch from days of old ~ and there before my widened eyes ~
the biggest surprise of my life ~ chippings of diamonds, emeralds and pearls, rubies and sapphires and one of my curls ~ but the richest of these I can say from the heart ~ was the childhood treasure ~ that he clearly wouldn't part. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

~ First Day … ~

It’s happened to us all that first day of school,

that mixture of excitement and dread

Sick to the pit of my own stomach

viewing that huge school in red

 But all too soon the day quickly dawned

striding in stout laced up brown leather shoes

To change out of when I eventually arrived

into one’s more suitable instead


we were placed in our classes

Of which I knew barely a few

When a girl swished me glance

with her black shiny hair

And the widest of grins she drew


‘I wonder if there’s any ink in those’

She’d observed of the inkwells in the desk

When she stuck her finger into the pot

And then boy, did she make a mess


Lifting her finger replete with pot

Revealed it was full to the brim

And In her attempt to shake it free

right over her  head it skimmed


dribbling right down

onto her brand spanking new

gymslip, jumper and shirt

and with the form teacher not yet come into view

the sight must have given  a scare.


she was one and the same girl

Who in our chemistry class

Induced awe and wonder

at the Bunsen burners igniting gas

and proceeded to set fire to her hair.


‘What was that smell’, we’d all declared

When the teacher responded with fright

We’d all jumped back when we saw the smoke

But she completely was oblivious to her plight

I believe these days protection is supplied

But we were hardy things back then  

Albeit somewhat naïve and perhaps even worldly unwise


Of course needless to say

She became a best friend

remaining so to this very same day.


So life as it is has many surprises in store

Just take a deep breath, dive in and explore

 But make sure you know which way to sway. J