Friday, 22 April 2011

Mouse Droppings: If a Teardrop

Mouse Droppings: If a Teardrop

Dance of the Blue Moon with Blue Balloon

before tonight,
to sleep, to dream
ride on a magic boat carried by green balloon
whisper before you go, soon your green ballon
will be blue but before tonight say
'hello Sunny' and yellow friend, could you
shed a teardrop of rain into the treat pool, mine drank
sweet 'eat delicious magic beans' will make you
dream tonight, and near does try to carry to Blue Moon
where now blue ballon says 'hello friend' ~ ~
mine own true love ~
let's dance ...
(c) lib

Monday, 11 April 2011

System Bright

Playing systems

neon of profusion

satin sheen

slender cream

sped on wheels red framed sight

town plays system bright

(c) Libithina

from form shadorma ~

@onestoppoetry ~ addictive :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Jump Higher

I'm trying my best I really am
to show you how to clear the wall
the one that divides
the one that's between
the one you can't help but stall then steel

I've pulled the string
and ran like the wind
but still you dangle and dawdle behind

what can I do
Oh yellow balloon
to show you how it's never too soon
hard to know what's on your mind
when it's you that should float
and me be earth bind

I won't give up though you lie on the floor
grounded you may be
but I'll feed your flight more
perhaps some more string I'll try to unwind
a little more slack
will maybe remind
what a balloons got to do
then some steam you may find

Jump like me
with feet in the air
so then together that fence we'll both soon clear
.... Up and Away
(c) libithina

xxx for Norb