Saturday, 29 October 2011

Do you Stand Alone ?

Do you stand alone ?

Oh No, not I,

I strive a stride to colour your soul,
tuning platforms
that rise to call
your core,
your core, are we toned,
rhythyms explore
harmonies now blend,
smoke wisping reels,
splashing teemed
rain shakes hair locks free
abandons falls,
to killer heels
struts to swaggers call
to eyes now lock
searing takes stirred on the rocks
desires wait, unsure delays
red lips pale,
quivering blows chilling gales
through window panes
of souls renewed,
in tandem now entwines,
fuels imbibes interlaced
tangos mean't to embrace
with a smooth and ease.

Inspired by Dave Stewart ~ Candy Dulphur ~ Lily was Here
chilling at DVerse ~
'Mystery Dance'
by Art by Mart (c)with special thanks

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


fly on my fearless Dragonheart swallowed into dusky dark skys uncharted alone on silver, painted wings, lapis lazuli tipped and laced with gold
experience has taught many things.
of seas that tide to sands where moons take rest
when trailing takes its darkest turns fear facing heads on best
where unicorns graze with noble bearing flies on to where the phoenix nest
to watch it rise from ashes dashed by days events turns to
golden treasures harvested stored in mind and heart, freed of mundane thought
here knows of Goblin smiles down crooked stiles to woodland sprites gifts faery brought.

And when the cause for good is lost, she’ll cry out loud
from whipping, gashed with sticks and stones
ragged cuts, jagged, jarred of knotted breath, vision blurred
stumbling, falls, when a distant voice is heard to calling stir
‘fight on’ as purple tendrils wisping curl,
Licking wounds
snorts hoofing
raking pains of Mother loss, found blows from foes of dragonkind
but this dragon flies keeping hearts and minds
to teach, to love, and learn, supporting paths yet undefined. defys
spiralling down darkest trails facing fears that may prevail,
And although her body may weaken
her resolve will never brake,
for she’ll spread her wingspan forever,
whilst others stand in her wake
I watch her fly outside of myself and
if I
like she
could face such a fear
for just
one time,
then I could truly be

(c) Libithina
image copyright with thanks to Art by Mart(c)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Echo Breezes Universal

Hovering between worlds rising steps
In discords, percepts causations, suggests
Taking rides running down what can’t come back
Appeals to counsels with an obvious lack of choices
Gone awry
Shutters the eyes and looks within
Stripped of emotions
fleeting glimpses
rising stars
Considers interest
Especially structured of belief and love
More than minute sparks, coursing events,
Shaping vibrant humour, chained circumstance
Celestially fired, ‘for want of a horse shoe nail’
Prejudiced, advancing dimensions of time,
Enamoured, provokes a truth to prove not hide and trust
To take that chance
To make that move
Of ties that bind
Putting assunder
Breezes find that Universal Laws of love and truth
echoes forever

© Libithina 4/10/2011

For Dad

Can hardly write through vales of tears
But somehow needed and wanted to hear
Other years, celebrating congratulates
‘there’s a jolly good fellow’
Long past the gate and key of the door
But who was keeping score
Not I nor you
Just living in days is what we’d do
But today can’t share your favorite meal of chow mein
Or a cake with candles to blow
Or a present of sweets and soft caramels
Or some cologne of your favorite smell
But if teardrops could turn into diamonds
All sparkled with glitter and shine
And sparkle their way, far, far, beyond stars
I could maybe reach out with these
Gems from my heart
And wish you a Happy Birthday
© Libithina 4/10/2011