Sunday, 21 November 2010

Heart Soared Flight

Coloured flecks strides on pinnacled rock
pushes another scales the top
wide screen amazes
taps visual force
surround ~ sounds ~ echo
Wonders outloud
inside every moment
deeper than oceans
clear crystal eternal light
to ignite and guide
to find, Faith, Belief
in a rainbows bend
golden crowned
soft pink hued ~ shepherds found
on hearts that crooned delight
will find evermore ~ in awe of
sight at hearts scaled flight
wings outsplayed to soar
(c) ~ Lib ~

ONe Stop Poetry Image curtesy of Trent Chau
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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hope ~less

ONE smile to cheer,
ONE face to light,
faces come,go but where's the sight
of 'stuff' to cling
no world to build around
everything here has gone to ground
but here's the thing, where did it end?
from moonlight kisses
did that ever lend?
itself to me. Do I have that thing that misses
that one little thing what this is
Oh, what's it called ~ damn I can't recall,
Oh yes that little thing called Hope.
Well, it's all in the bag
that's right beside
a kiss to build, a dream to ride.
will it feed ~ can I believe
that smiling care,
but those that pass don't see me there.
I'm human you see,
I'm real and I feel
true maybe I'm smelly
with shoes unheeled
and even unhinged,
who knows anymore what's really real. Would you?
But faster falls the darkness grows
help has failed and comforts flown
helpless with every passing hour
I can't hold on, replete of power
I'm sinking, I'm reaching please take
my hand, clutching out fingers full splayed
I stand and want to blast out the shadows of gloom
but I'm falling fast, do you hAVE HEART ROOM
to be beside, hold a piece of my broken inside
can you light a spark because I have none
scorched as I am burnt tear drenched from pain
but the merest shred of kindness gained
would shake and tremble fears cold vice,
could you spare a care,
cause that sure would be nice
(c) Libithina

from @OneStopPoetry ~ One stop Sunday ~

Sunday, 7 November 2010

One of a KInd

ONE of a kind,
as thoughts meander mindful dreams ~
Not what it seemed of lies hidden truth that’s now revealed
Down amongst rocks waves puddling pools
But who laid them down
to shape into rules ~
Jagged they tear into mans very being
Accept how it is as can’t be all seeing
Beyond horizons new worlds conceal
Perhaps change is rule
which reels the real deal
Isolating droplets of fresh morning dew
Maybe that’s all there’s really to do
Drips self containing dew jewels ever raining
Adds to infinity and all that is true
Insignificance pales newest bright light day
Igniting flames fanning sparks of highway
Embrace then whatever courses your way
But keeping a thought to change when it’s needed
Rules maybe rules but YOU know what your creed is.
© Libithina 7/11/10