Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Canary's Song

the clock silently ticks
at seventeen
everything was so simplistic
so much promise
of fast cars in polished red and diamonds
entering the springboard of life's thread
ever thrilled at the yellow canarys song
never counted
on those squishy 'fat toads'
that snarled onto dreams
almost sightless
those skips became plods
through clogged up mud
as life metered out more than it should

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Golden Mile

many a year has passed

since I walked that golden mile

but bright lights were a flickering

and besides I needed the smile

must remember to pack my woolies

as it can chill the bones alright

down at the northern pier

that wind can gather some might

I decided for my journey

I'd hop onto a tram

remembering how my poor feet blistered

I know I'm such a ham

but when those bright lights beamed

illuminations galore

my smiles went out in streams

and I wanted more and more

I stayed beyond the midnight close

before I climbed the tower

had a dance on the ballroom floor

wurlitzered round the hour

safely tucked into my B & B

my energies are dead

until my full English breakfast

with marmalade and spread ;)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


At first glance you may have passed
that dusty box plain rusted
with nails that clasped fixing
an ornamental lock
that should have fastened with a bolt
but that had been long gone
along with the years
when he'd guarded it close
I always in wonderment what it had held
but this was a part of house and estate
and intrepidly now I reached up to take
but still I could not bring to task
to opening up that deep wooden cask
Not too large I decided to polish the grain
waxing I rubbed to glisten again
and there it sat for the whole of the day
with me staring hard wondering what way
I could steal myself to prise open the lid
but there was no other way ~ I clicked
the clasp ~ the lid sprang open and I could see at last
inside that dusty old box ~ was completely empty and clear
puzzled I knocked onto each of the walls nothing concealed
no hidden stalls ~ but wait ~ I see there's a corner upturned
I pulled at the edge as the floor gave way ~ a velvet cloth ~
seemed hidden ~ swathed in threads of silvery gold ~ I untied
the pouch from days of old ~ and there before my widened eyes ~
the biggest surprise of my life ~ chippings of diamonds, emeralds and pearls, rubies and sapphires and one of my curls ~ but the richest of these I can say from the heart ~ was the childhood treasure ~ that he clearly wouldn't part. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

~ First Day … ~

It’s happened to us all that first day of school,

that mixture of excitement and dread

Sick to the pit of my own stomach

viewing that huge school in red

 But all too soon the day quickly dawned

striding in stout laced up brown leather shoes

To change out of when I eventually arrived

into one’s more suitable instead


we were placed in our classes

Of which I knew barely a few

When a girl swished me glance

with her black shiny hair

And the widest of grins she drew


‘I wonder if there’s any ink in those’

She’d observed of the inkwells in the desk

When she stuck her finger into the pot

And then boy, did she make a mess


Lifting her finger replete with pot

Revealed it was full to the brim

And In her attempt to shake it free

right over her  head it skimmed


dribbling right down

onto her brand spanking new

gymslip, jumper and shirt

and with the form teacher not yet come into view

the sight must have given  a scare.


she was one and the same girl

Who in our chemistry class

Induced awe and wonder

at the Bunsen burners igniting gas

and proceeded to set fire to her hair.


‘What was that smell’, we’d all declared

When the teacher responded with fright

We’d all jumped back when we saw the smoke

But she completely was oblivious to her plight

I believe these days protection is supplied

But we were hardy things back then  

Albeit somewhat naïve and perhaps even worldly unwise


Of course needless to say

She became a best friend

remaining so to this very same day.


So life as it is has many surprises in store

Just take a deep breath, dive in and explore

 But make sure you know which way to sway. J

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

jolly hockey sticks

all huddled together to keep out the chill
the wind lashing against our very bones
called to arms by the mighty shrill
of our muscle bound gym mistress

'come on girls, it's just a little rain'
or sleet or snow or fog but really
hail stones were the worst
can feel them now pelting against
the back of my legs purple bruised
and all we had for cover
were these huge navy blue knickers
elasticated at the waist and legs

one friend even had a pocket in hers
where she used to keep her loose change
think we could have camped out in them

but there we were out in the mud
jolly hockey sticks at the ready
me center forward bullied off
one, two, three and away we'd go

tearing down that pitch we'd slip and slide
whacking that ball for all it was worth
the best was when I'd go in goal
at least I'd shin pads to cover from the cold

but after a game in that quagmire of a field
the heated steam that rose from us
and total lack of 'feel'
numb legs, numb cheeks and numb b....
was quite unreal ~
Happy Days

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Spirits Aflame

otherwise trying to reach the starred cosmos
feeling sparks when touched in isolation
perfect lights bright at dawns repose
enters magical night streaks endures
rolls some more gains across encrusting
stardust firing spirits aflame
with a passionate verve
blending mixtures
of matter and particled atoms
merging vibrating speeds
solar winds breath
synthesized clustering
in gravitational fields
events horizon
falling into black holes
time stands
starbursts supernova
in perfect
is the only flight there is

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dancing Queens

dancing, jiving, ducks and dives
tucked amidst teasing petals
crooning wind dancing queens
sights for eyes preened
as Summers ready scenes enfold

I can still recall
walking hand in hand
as butterflies decorated
paths we trod
warm sands beneath our feet

so much promise
flower power reigned
that Summer of Love
where waves tickled toes
laughing hand in hand

enraptured, skipping prides emotion
massed flickering lights
hearts racing
with those butterflies
doing back flipping somersaults

and there you were
holding me tight
chasing shadows burnt grey
now flashing neon bright
revelling, but fearing cards

dealing closer to knowing
as butterflies evade fingers slipping
frozen eclipsed in drifts of time distanced
spectators of a sun dappled reed
in twisting squeezing bends but for now

we laugh, wide eyed, giving chase
to fluttering butterflies
and even in Autumn's days
of admonishing cares calmly reflects
instinctively surged to fly away

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Elephants Delight

can't wait until he turns around!
I've just sneaked up besides
hope he likes my weathered look
and doesn't laugh inside

mind you I have to wonder
who dressed me up like this
as there's nothing I like better
than to roll in watery bliss

perhaps they thought this drop of rain
would harm my delicate skin
but really who were they kidding
that joke on me's worn thin

or did they think I'd blend with the crowd
romping puddles and making a splash
but who chose this outfit in brilliant yellow
I'm someone who usually cuts quite a dash

Oh! what's that I've spotted
over there on the stall
trunk licking sticky buns
plenty there for all

and once I've finished clearing
those delectable delights
the one who dressed me in yellow
will think I look a fright

and with a bit of luck
I'll be in the shower before the night

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lavender Bunched

white laced frills lavender bunched

skies echo lilac

schematic dreams to travel

rising weaves pink and purple

subtleties of nuance

naming hearts choices

weighing conditions agonizingly

combines cultural capitals validation

double edged tapestried wafting weft

keeping thoughts locked in silence

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


merged into orange and brown
pink to purple surrounding cosmic swirl
descending massed
cumulus clouds mist
enveloping golden particles turn
views submerged plunging
forwards surged
crossing oceans and seas
developing worlds and countries
third now fourth tours
mutiplies bacillus
grows a new breed, a new death
a daring flight
evolution spins to mans
formulaic destroys in urgent
while time has created so much
never wanted fear, famine or destruct
senseless acts strike down
where lies no hope or trust

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Faery Apples

down deep down hangs in tiny bunches

faery apples decorate

magical orchards grow abundance

of butterflies and bees

breezily tasting apple peelings

plentiful endless supplies

artily crafting scarlet red fleshed

of juicy bites pulped into the heart of apple

fresh from nobbled woody stems blossomed

gathers in willow baskets weaved

faery blenders, slowly distils squeezing

auburn hair tossing

harvests fruity effervesce

bubbling energies finely tuned

wide eyed gleaming

piper sings the green grass dappling

silky violets blue perfumes strewn

dancing faery rings of love

and with wild abandon parties surge

pooling moons glossing star bright

midnight revelers roll in morning dew

then happily flies where winds do blow

Saturday, 26 May 2012

All the Fun of the Fair

laughing rocking clowns welcome all the fun of the fair
jostling crowds
tumble into mirrors that shrink and distort into giggles
plunging pink candy floss
piled high on sticks
sinking into whole faces tastes
crunching on sticky red toffee apples
sucked along kaleidoscopic
musical cacophanies
hooked bobbing ducks to win a prize
rolling balls edges encouraging
in frenzied shouts at
moveable horses
towards the winning line
'Roll Up' 'Roll Up' the carnie cries
with a bowing sweep beckons into
entering the big striped top
blinded by
spitting fire eating charms
eyes adjust
excitedly watching jugglers
and swaying precariously overhead
the man on the high wire
makes a final dash
carefully balanced
walks the old crooked house
with sloping floors
running to take a coconut mat
dragging to slide
down the helter skelter ride
waltzers loving being spun so fast
dodgem cars bumping crashed
a bag of coins for the push 'em offs
then happily trudges on the way home
with a bag of hot battered fish and chips
drenched in salt and vinegar
plucks with puckered fingers
hurrys to catch the last train - - :)

Friday, 25 May 2012


Golden doilys dust catchers
scratch savers on polished boards
Golden Dollys
covering for toilet rolls
knitted crinolines plastic faced
Golden Haired
Bit grubby and stained
where dust's settled
still pretty though
with moving eyes
watching over worn mats
and tiles chipped with age
but it wasn't always like that
she was once brand new
took pride of place in a shiny home
Children had not yet appeared
she harked back to childhood days
with dolls in prams
complete with frilled layette
pushing up and down the street
bouncing wheels
in clatty shoes
but builders will come soon
and wipe it all away

Authors Notes:-
  the days events contributed to this actuality/metaphor and had seen someone dressed similar (Paloma Faith).. speaking to campaign about Dementia awareness  .. following not so great appointment at hosp .. But suppose not to take things for granted and to remember people with Dementia are someones Mum, Dad sister ... with a rich history .. planning to do some work with them .. Refurbished one of those dolls and she comes out every year 'pride of place' on top of the Christmas Tree .. she's lovely .. Big love and hugs Lib

Sunday, 6 May 2012


                                            dampened wet bricks lining
                                       musty odoured drips
                        shaken deep into the Cavern's cellar
        where catacombs rocked a thousand shades
of music tuned from staged ahead
under ceilings frothy swills
concrete floors cramming soaked
barely breathes soul strung fired
first elixir of orange and brown
highlights ultraviolet rays
     speckled dustings white on black
              reflecting charmed pearly smiles
                        attractions meeting back to back
                                   danced each night thro' dawn

Saturday, 5 May 2012


debut in scarlet and silken cream heeled
when as a girl hair ringlets ribboned sealed

dreams of adventure worlds travelling far
dipping mighty oceans beyond the bar

paths rapidly shaped and forging converged
keeping further back what life had emerged

but each time she closed her eyes butterflies
tears that fashioned waterfalls crystal lined

swaying ears of golden corn within reach
journeyed fields, mountains, sandy pebbled beach

resolute firmly stood poised becoming
high waves rose to push her back sulleying

visibly rocked, shaken holds still a grip
on life she craves and thirsts to take a sip

-  Clarion Sonnet -<


debut in scarlet and silken cream heeled when as a girl hair ringlets ribboned sealed dreams of adventure worlds travelling far dipping mighty oceans beyond the bar paths rapidly shaped and forging converged keeping further back what life had emerged but each time she closed her eyes butterflies tears that fashioned waterfalls crystal lined swaying ears of golden corn within reach journeyed fields, mountains, sandy pebbled beach resolute firmly stood poised becoming high waves rose to push her back sulleying visibly rocked, shaken holds still a grip on life she craves and thirsts to take a sip - Clarion Sonnet -<

Monday, 9 April 2012

Faery Call

pretty pink conch shells decorating rings

layering onto grassed daisy walls

faery dancers echo call

#NaPo 8

Faery Wishes everyone

Golden Wishes

saved from rainy days
dew dropped petals caught
pocketsful of starry rays
reaching shines afar

hugging skies of midnight blue
invites to jump on board

starlight ribbons streaming
wishes light express
and taking to the keeper
where golden wishes bless

#NaPo 7

Closest Hearts

who will stand beside me
who will be my light
who will shelter from lifes rain
and continue to be a part
some say you're with me everywhere
but I can't really know
but continue to say it always
watching you grow your back to me
you'd come to see what had changed
collar turned up high
gaberdine belted knotted waist
turned and I wondered why
cause' you still had all the knowledge
but your part had ceased to be
no longer could you have an effect
onto this world or to me
they asked me for the answers
of which I could not give
but of that you would have surely known
forged through years
of experience lived is what it was
hard graft through sweat
and grease soaked brow
many times I'm tempted
to say I'll just find out
and I know it's just right there
on the tip and the edge of my tongue
but I just can't quite reach
into that deepest darkest part
for we were two
closest hearts
where now
there beats only

#NaPo 6

Lifes Stage

breathes sharp intake gasps

faintly hearts beating stronger

fading lifes stage gone

#NaPo 5

Modesty Flames

whispering rumours
turning heads in crowds
while hearts stall
bringing it down
passions melting
modesty flames
performing time
comes alive

ostrich feathered fans
tools for playing out painful losses gained
reaches fever pitched deep
unfolds a beating tale
bares all
blasting through tightly closed doors
in spiky keeler heels
comes alive

breathes a brand new walk
shaking struts her stuff
far out of town
leaving speeches
clear she'd ventured out
short skirted shades
gathered waist
black ribboning satin tied
smoking curls spotlight shod
comes alive

shimmying thigh booted legs
rose high kicking tables flamed in passion
charged emotion claiming
gloves stripped
velvet handed favours
straddled chairs bone corsetted
ignites stringed horns burn
smothing grooves turned up slow
marked souls imaged to go
came alive

#NaPo 4

Carefree Days

family parties
spilling onto grassy paths
piano playing

all having a laugh
singing songs sipping tall drinks
eating cheese on sticks

couples in courtship
strolling through parks 'walking out'
chaperone behind

ribboned easter hats
cotton frocks tied in florals
breathing crisp fresh air

ankle socked sandals
long hot summers stretching hours
legs tanning berry brown

kicking through leaf mounds
wind teased shaken loose fly free
hair blowing giggles

deep snow frozen ice
sliding down slopes on trays
rushing quickly speeds

those light carefree days
captured mindful memories
pouring treasured troves

#NaPo 3

Twisting Infinity

followed widening forest path

saw youths fashioning reed

twisting infinity

NaPo #2

Happy Spring weekend wishes everyone x x

Hot Salsa

grooves notching passions

hot dancing spirited beat

salsa spinning twirls

NaPo #1