Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sailing Circles

Never ends
Sailing circles
Turning rings
Whirring silently
Winding cogs
springs reversed
Follows down hollows
To dark spaces and
Once held dreams
Ripples in places
Jangling beyond reach now
Where did that time go ?
Where Hands entwined and
Smiles exchanged
funnelling back
Against a current
Fishes in streams
Of a Summers scene
Where Footprints
Impressioning marks
Caresses a cheek
Barefoot hand in hand
We’ll be different
We said
And believed
But we didn’t belong …

But For a moment
It was sublime
and now times breezes
Fan the shadows
Of passions once fed
But they are there
Tucked safe in heart and mind

8.12.2011 © Libithina

The Transitioning

How quickly pictures fade
And images change
From what was before
Rewinds back
Peeling years
The pictures roll
Of a baby boy newly born
With eyes so large
And full of curiosity ..
My child, Mum now Me ..
And Soir de Paris perfume
from a crystal stopper
In midnight blue
dotted behind ears
tucked with auburn curls
Dirndl skirts
Buckled belted
in full patterned rose
stiletto heeled
black plaited patent trim
And bourjois cheeks
In brightest red
Creamed in Ponds
Mascara blocked
Brushed in spit
How I loved the sound
Of the clackety clack
And the heels as they struck
in tiny feet
dressing up
in my Mum’s shoes

8.12.2011 © Libithina

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Do you Stand Alone ?

Do you stand alone ?

Oh No, not I,

I strive a stride to colour your soul,
tuning platforms
that rise to call
your core,
your core, are we toned,
rhythyms explore
harmonies now blend,
smoke wisping reels,
splashing teemed
rain shakes hair locks free
abandons falls,
to killer heels
struts to swaggers call
to eyes now lock
searing takes stirred on the rocks
desires wait, unsure delays
red lips pale,
quivering blows chilling gales
through window panes
of souls renewed,
in tandem now entwines,
fuels imbibes interlaced
tangos mean't to embrace
with a smooth and ease.

Inspired by Dave Stewart ~ Candy Dulphur ~ Lily was Here
chilling at DVerse ~
'Mystery Dance'
by Art by Mart (c)with special thanks

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


fly on my fearless Dragonheart swallowed into dusky dark skys uncharted alone on silver, painted wings, lapis lazuli tipped and laced with gold
experience has taught many things.
of seas that tide to sands where moons take rest
when trailing takes its darkest turns fear facing heads on best
where unicorns graze with noble bearing flies on to where the phoenix nest
to watch it rise from ashes dashed by days events turns to
golden treasures harvested stored in mind and heart, freed of mundane thought
here knows of Goblin smiles down crooked stiles to woodland sprites gifts faery brought.

And when the cause for good is lost, she’ll cry out loud
from whipping, gashed with sticks and stones
ragged cuts, jagged, jarred of knotted breath, vision blurred
stumbling, falls, when a distant voice is heard to calling stir
‘fight on’ as purple tendrils wisping curl,
Licking wounds
snorts hoofing
raking pains of Mother loss, found blows from foes of dragonkind
but this dragon flies keeping hearts and minds
to teach, to love, and learn, supporting paths yet undefined. defys
spiralling down darkest trails facing fears that may prevail,
And although her body may weaken
her resolve will never brake,
for she’ll spread her wingspan forever,
whilst others stand in her wake
I watch her fly outside of myself and
if I
like she
could face such a fear
for just
one time,
then I could truly be

(c) Libithina
image copyright with thanks to Art by Mart(c)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Echo Breezes Universal

Hovering between worlds rising steps
In discords, percepts causations, suggests
Taking rides running down what can’t come back
Appeals to counsels with an obvious lack of choices
Gone awry
Shutters the eyes and looks within
Stripped of emotions
fleeting glimpses
rising stars
Considers interest
Especially structured of belief and love
More than minute sparks, coursing events,
Shaping vibrant humour, chained circumstance
Celestially fired, ‘for want of a horse shoe nail’
Prejudiced, advancing dimensions of time,
Enamoured, provokes a truth to prove not hide and trust
To take that chance
To make that move
Of ties that bind
Putting assunder
Breezes find that Universal Laws of love and truth
echoes forever

© Libithina 4/10/2011

For Dad

Can hardly write through vales of tears
But somehow needed and wanted to hear
Other years, celebrating congratulates
‘there’s a jolly good fellow’
Long past the gate and key of the door
But who was keeping score
Not I nor you
Just living in days is what we’d do
But today can’t share your favorite meal of chow mein
Or a cake with candles to blow
Or a present of sweets and soft caramels
Or some cologne of your favorite smell
But if teardrops could turn into diamonds
All sparkled with glitter and shine
And sparkle their way, far, far, beyond stars
I could maybe reach out with these
Gems from my heart
And wish you a Happy Birthday
© Libithina 4/10/2011

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Storms to Calm

Up to fifteen feet those waves outstretching
streamed over lorry rooves and grooves in
concrete channels
Raging on lashing, crashed against
seafront harbours
'Never seen them that high before'
a couple commented pushing two wheels
It was almost as if those enraging waves knew what was to come
You were a picture of calm but also one of inner knowing
could you have stopped the trajectory of events that were to come
Did they know you had some kind of control
of a destiny that I wouldn't want to know ~ or be apart ~
Enraged were they trying to get through to you
but to no avail
you went anyway
but at least they tried ~
and I hide inside the memory
taking comfort from this pink and yellow stamened flower ~
(c) Libithina 14/9/11

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Times' Stream

~ Times’ Streams ~
come take a walk with me
past streets and roads
that no longer exist
kerouac down lifes stream
memoirs canalside
don’t look too far
watching trains through
barriers drawn
crossing the liftbridge
to the edge of dawns isolation
playing chess
tours beauty
quick cover your head
downpours fast
lightening’s red as fire
enhances definitions
here in a glass box no one’s to touch
ownerships incomplete
visionary vanguard
riverside train pulls in
now it’s blossom time
leaves in a spin
books on a bench
persuasions lent
how to reach in from the past
gentle unguarded eyes
surveys city lights
spans panoramics
with moons in between
ten steps back to come so far
she sees, chases snow through fields
climbing steps to a door in a frame
somethngs changed inside
imperceptible but it has
light breezy cools
straightens glass
slides surfaced polish
times passing
cakes with candles
blazing wishes
silence reflects
ponders why
but is timing right
has it passed
too long
sweet sixteen
played guitar sang the chords
wrote the song
but is this the way it should be
papers rustle
smart and funny
take a gander
clean uncluttered
casting within
illumes conception
never disregards environs complexion
connects captivating skylights
Life Works across a warm horizon
man to boy from the future
to pasts were loved
dedication surveys projects built
I appear in a hurry but I just want to know
My guest from the future
How will it go
I know how their past
Shaped future
Skating iced figured eights
Pirouettes they wait and meet again
But it can be over in a second
All those that love that will never see
But what if there is never anyone
Waiting to see
Shades opening
soft gentle palms
Kindest hearts
Saplings grown
From twiglet borne
Letters boxed
Walks past
Remnants shared
Tweaks the real
Holding fast
To hopes that’ll last
Through time
pressed rose persuades
pervading structures
reaches, struggles to grasp
holding on to faith
will it last
waits, travelling time
foresight foretells
hindsight reveals
the paradox of times paradigm
turns back …
© Libithina 11/9/11

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Peers through Time

Soars above what‘s thought is known
To summon inspires, incurs where ancients wait beneath starry skies
Stirs above tops of trees
sees far beyond
touching wind rushing clouds
protecting how and who we are
tipping into spark fired pots
I meet myself and confide in stepping echoes
fused as one beneath the veil
shifts past adornments of fleur de lis
cresting dares and yes dare we,
a small vase covets a rose
scarlet tipped turns a lock skewed in throes of anquish
but promises not ‘Tu Jour’
traces bloodline of the keepers
parents through aged passages of knowledge
pools into deep wells
peering ripples seeking more and more reveals
hands crossing time
curling beneath weilds waits
resting ready to be plucked
when only the time’s ripe will rose align
where choices proffer bare skinned hands
lined opened offering to choosing dare.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


were you slowing
or was it just imagining
your broad shoulders
leather edged beret
worn at a slant
gaberdine rain mack
belted at the waist
one hand strong
another gnarled
bent and stalled
but still opening stiffened jars
strength of spirit
will of steel
so what happened
how was that real
when you left that day
did she have more appeal
were you so very tired
when she reached out a hand
and you ? did you welcoming smile
I thought you were asleep
but you were beyond stars and miles
~ miss you more than I can say ~

The Spinning Girl

Not even a breezy breath of a blown leaf,
airless shadows confine
caught in a memory of last recall
capturing moment’s struck dumb from confused.
Talking! was talking before blurring loads into shapeless blobs
stretching spun gigantic wheels in red and green spokes
spinning in teacups to never stop
but that was a flash
outside this boxed in build
oblong cramped, crooked,
encircling hoops refusals to churn
movements fixate were naught can grow
if only that wheel would turn
rolling down doors opening
to a whole new world ~
with running streams trickling into lakes and fields ~
~ freeing skin to breathe ~
Smiles dawns radiating glow halos a new day
Every ending begins ~
with daddy’s girl painting worlds with her magic wand
Ties ribbons around hearts ~
directs oceans tides to sweep the greyest clouds ~
wafts a breeze of cotton candy ~ spinning turns wheels ~
churning flickering leaves ~
capturing types cast
in kilter flowing time ~

Featuring Giorgio de Chirico, 'Mystery and Melancholy of a Street'
dVerse Sunday at the pub ~
Happy Sunday wishes ~ cheers!!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

SHoe Preme

There was once a young lady from Claw
who lived in a cupboard where stored
all of her shoes but many in blues
as that was her fave color of all
Each day at the start
she explored her way through
so she could find for herself
just the right shoe
Maybe in red or perhaps in green
even in yellow. No! she would'nt be seen
always she'd return to her Shoe, Shoe Preme
a number in blue the crop of the cream.
SUnday Silly ~
pub ~ dVerse

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pub Grub ~ Drinks in Blue

we'd chop up the onions
and slice up the cheese
cut through the cobs
crisp as you please
lashings of butter
thickly laid
soft fresh bread
newly made
the smell lingers still
as we piled them up high
for customers
to try
so along with my cobs
and perhaps a crisp or two
I'd like to raise a toast to all of you
with drinks in blue
cheers !!!
(c) Libithina

for dVerse Poets
new beginnings ~ at the pub

Magic of the Faerie Queen

See how slowly she moves
catching at heady rose and musk perfume
nectar delights her gossamered fleur
natures framed
hearts to care
whispers love, hope
and lightness of thought
rippling soft and slow
onto crystal dreams
of sacred silver lakes
sprinkled in blossoms of cherry white
for her form to grace
tracing curves of slenderest waist
and lips that plead
pulsing hearts receive
How shall I call you ?
My star guiding light
sparkling as morning dew
cupped in lush grasses
tenderest root juiced
and eagerly being
whirled, enflamed,
giddyness barely contains
urges to reach
to touch
My Angel
My All
fanning fagrances to
pathe your way
seeks to sealing
promises for all our days
Then come sparkling star
wakening sleepy fields
and rushing falls onto streams
where birds sing and call
a gown prepared of the finest
spun golden filaments
clasped in emerald
matching eyes of green
and slippers of softest moss
caressing your feet
Believing declare
no beauty to compare
Such is the Magic of the Faerie Queen.

(c) Libithina

many thanks to Rosie for the stunning image
from a wonderful collection ~ inspired by her
love of weddings ~ magical ~
and to @onestoppoetry Sunday a special thanks

Waving out to all of my friends with hugs and love

Monday, 20 June 2011

~ That May Be Which in June ~

Hears a shivering on the hill,
Dances cutting through woods
Up to knees in bracken leaves
The dawn promises
Sunset glory blazed to the skies
At Midsummer’s Eve
Painting scenes of ribbons ringed round locks of hair
Faster round wheels of
Seasons gathering to and flow
But never to forget the leaves in city streets that bleed at
Longest held dreams more radiant than deepest desires,
Before we knew that time began with even
cloven hoofed to stand but quivering
wings supplied the backbone of that command,
The call of Pan
And the Faerie Queen
Threading intricately patterned
Flutters speedily swings down low from branches hung with dew,
flying so
graceful, swooping swamps in
Seethes reveals continuing
sinuous whispers
spun around rings,
Orange russets flicker spilling fanned decks of shards
Twisting crumbling confetti
Bending beckons with coy innocence tied but all is seldom what it seems
Whirling sycamore seeds near keen listeners
for whisperings enchanted clear.
Shoulder’s stooped
in springing squatting stance
especially entranced
fruitful with finely sharpened grip,
smiling, dripping juiced to finger tips
Filling snails to a fine lined edge.
© Libithina

)0( Norb

Monday, 30 May 2011

Pas de Deux

Crowned with flowers his own sweet gentle dove,
on satined shoes, pease blossom peach in rosied hue.
Tresured with such a care and showered with love,
she in oystered cream frilled in powdered blue.
Gently, hands accepts his favor from satined glove
where petticoats swirled gossamer flaired in pas de deux.
From chance first meeting on the bridge by the green,
little knowing was conspired by others now unseen.

(c) Libithina 30/5/2011

Form Ottava Rima (abababcc) from @Onestoppoetry. Thankyou Gay.

In dedication to those romantics now passed, Alec, Joyce, Edward and to commemorate special anniversaries ~ Silver, Pearl, Ruby, Gold, Diamond

)0( Norb

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Framed in Blue

If I could turn myself around
upside down hanging in the sky
and look down at me lying amongst the hard, black asphalt.
Would that make it any better,
me sky walker, cloud burster,
framed in blue,
could peep through
rather than hit the deck of solid mass.
Stepping back to 'look at the bigger picture'
with just the tiniest bit of vision,
profoundly impacting,
pounding out a different path,
radiating patterns from chaos,
symmetries fractiously knitting
together meaning, for correlation.
Tracking horizons
for key elements of harmonics,
processing frequencies
to control and stabilise
cleaning and finely tune ~
zooming out and in ~
freezing scenes ~
rotating angles, grooving seals and curves
smoothing out structures to reaffirm
participating interlacing data,
encrypting, decoding, unravelling,
discovering, valued insights ~
Spiriting in the sky ~
common ground breaking through,
travelling far in one spot,
without moving,
gazing below at high flying jets,
The world that we make is only one shot ~
Harmonics open in lush green
doorways to dimensions of portals
previously unmined and unseen ~
Wanna join the ride ~ ~

(c) Libithina

credit for photography to Scott Wydden ~ thankyou Scott ~

featuring @Onestoppoetry

)0( Norb xx

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Silence Speaks

windswept undulations
shaping formed
features steps
seemingly teetering
espied in orange crested waves.
Crimping harsh realities
but life affirmed
unravelling scenes of
vastness viewed
space and room to be blown,
to dance,
enraptured in seclusion,
lightness of touch
barely marbling sandied grains,
rapidly glimpsing shadows,
the unseen listener,
the watcher,
to what appears barren
sees life,
as not so much teems but
in changes of glorious light
shifts in moving sands,
gestures unity,
giving a voice to the unnoticed,
averting gazed shrouded in mystique
but within his eyes he silently speaks.

(c) Libithina

Images kind permission of Rosa Frei
featuring @One Stop Poetry

Friday, 22 April 2011

Mouse Droppings: If a Teardrop

Mouse Droppings: If a Teardrop

Dance of the Blue Moon with Blue Balloon

before tonight,
to sleep, to dream
ride on a magic boat carried by green balloon
whisper before you go, soon your green ballon
will be blue but before tonight say
'hello Sunny' and yellow friend, could you
shed a teardrop of rain into the treat pool, mine drank
sweet 'eat delicious magic beans' will make you
dream tonight, and near does try to carry to Blue Moon
where now blue ballon says 'hello friend' ~ ~
mine own true love ~
let's dance ...
(c) lib

Monday, 11 April 2011

System Bright

Playing systems

neon of profusion

satin sheen

slender cream

sped on wheels red framed sight

town plays system bright

(c) Libithina

from form shadorma ~

@onestoppoetry ~ addictive :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Jump Higher

I'm trying my best I really am
to show you how to clear the wall
the one that divides
the one that's between
the one you can't help but stall then steel

I've pulled the string
and ran like the wind
but still you dangle and dawdle behind

what can I do
Oh yellow balloon
to show you how it's never too soon
hard to know what's on your mind
when it's you that should float
and me be earth bind

I won't give up though you lie on the floor
grounded you may be
but I'll feed your flight more
perhaps some more string I'll try to unwind
a little more slack
will maybe remind
what a balloons got to do
then some steam you may find

Jump like me
with feet in the air
so then together that fence we'll both soon clear
.... Up and Away
(c) libithina

xxx for Norb

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Eyes right to the left march up and down
keep a focus on shelves around
Never deviate from chosen paths
Make your choices choose your task
Reach and grab then own alone
You have it now
cruise down aisle
Cool in sparks when all the while
like a firework is how you atart
Yes!! You've got it now
In your groove
you really know which way to move
In your stride no one can touch
head held high
strut your stuff
'Look at her go'
hear them say
can only wonder at your way
but you be true
to what you do
cause you're a FIREWORK!!!

(c) Libithina

Inspired from FireworX by Tom Cloverfield featured @onestoppoetry ~ Moonduster Thurs

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sparkly Magical Ruby Shoes

Another days pouring rain bored inside with nothing to gain
SO unpacked from the bags my charity shop find
determined was I to make this pair shine
But to look at them now all worn and torn
soles hanging off bows come undone
colour lacks lustre
leathers gone awry
seen finer days
but I want their wear to be well truly raised
I clear a space for my task to begin, to replace the
scuffed and give it new skin.
I got out my sparkles, glitters and shine
in bright ruby red to make them all mine
Once I began the hours just flew
engrossed was I as inner passions grew.
Sparkle on sparkle in bright ruby red
layer on layer inner souls fed
Heart a flutter as they quickly transformed
to these bright new shoesfrom what was so worn,
Casting aside my comfy flip - flops
the exciteent grew as these were the top
~ Magical even ~ as I'm sure that pair smiled
saying 'click my heels we'll travel the miles'
and so I did and was transported away
to sunnier climes and a much better day
So if you should ask if torrential rain
Then I fulfill desires for soulsful gain.

(c) Libithina

Monday, 14 February 2011

Faery Lovehearts

' How do I love ?' ♥ the faery she asked 'with all ur faeryheart '2 count the ways?' '2 many! 2 know where even to start ♥ #faery #love #poem

. faery roses perfumed so, faery violets sweet, faery jasmines blossoms glow sways in Merry Greet #happyValentinesday #micropoem #poem #faery

faery rose is red, faery violets blue, faery sunflowers petalling gold sunbeamed gems to YOU #happyvalentinesday #micropoem #poem #faery

Happy Valentines ~ ((hugs)) especially to Norb dear Yuki

Candleglow Rose

Gold bright candleglow

Slender budding single rose

enfolding dewdrops

given promised proposals

memorable hearts Romance

~ 14th Feb ~ Romance ~ Tanka (c)Libithina

Candleglow on Libithina's TwitWall

Candleglow on Libithina's TwitWall

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Remembering Dad

Just read a lovely post called 'Papas Garden' from Love minus Zero ~ writing about her beloved Grandfather and how he grew fresh lovely veggies ~ it reminded me about about my Dad and visits to his allotment many years ago now ~ as a little girl going with my Dad ~ here in the UK they are communal plots or patches of land for / of planting and garden areas ~ some have sheds where many hideaway reading Sunday papers storing garden tools but also some having little camper stoves making as we say here in the UK 'a brew of tea', small wildlife ponds thick with croaking frogs and tadpoles in Spring, but all have vegetable patches ~ many looked after by perhaps family members ~ Dad had one that had to be reached across a rickety bridge over a narrow running stream ~ a running tap that could too rinse off muddy carrots freshly plucked from the earth ~ beautiful 'spuds' (potatoes) huge and small for boiling hot buttered to taste ~ delicious ~ I loved crossing that bridge ~ Dad saying careful now in case you fall in the stream ~ it was very narrow too ~ his strong arms wielded that huge spade as he turned over the rich soil to uncover the fresh veg ~ lettuces ~ onions ~ runner beans ~ used to get as brown as a berry wandering around all of the allotments ~ sharing a mug of tea handed over from soiled covered hands ~ They gave and still give extra space and land for families and communities to wonderfully grow and share ~ thankful I read today and for provoking that lovely memory with my Dad as my heart and thoughts are reflective about his passing ~ One year on the 14th ~ ~ Lib ~