Wednesday, 13 June 2012


merged into orange and brown
pink to purple surrounding cosmic swirl
descending massed
cumulus clouds mist
enveloping golden particles turn
views submerged plunging
forwards surged
crossing oceans and seas
developing worlds and countries
third now fourth tours
mutiplies bacillus
grows a new breed, a new death
a daring flight
evolution spins to mans
formulaic destroys in urgent
while time has created so much
never wanted fear, famine or destruct
senseless acts strike down
where lies no hope or trust


  1. The evolution of life became the means of death. What a beautiful thought provoking piece.

  2. Strong piece, love the quick hits of imagery here. Great reaction to NWCU prompt and a great read. Thanks

    1. Thanks so much Fred - was a strong clip for prompt - so moving and hard to watch - Lib