Thursday, 17 February 2011


Eyes right to the left march up and down
keep a focus on shelves around
Never deviate from chosen paths
Make your choices choose your task
Reach and grab then own alone
You have it now
cruise down aisle
Cool in sparks when all the while
like a firework is how you atart
Yes!! You've got it now
In your groove
you really know which way to move
In your stride no one can touch
head held high
strut your stuff
'Look at her go'
hear them say
can only wonder at your way
but you be true
to what you do
cause you're a FIREWORK!!!

(c) Libithina

Inspired from FireworX by Tom Cloverfield featured @onestoppoetry ~ Moonduster Thurs


  1. groove, yes!...hard to not to fit that word in

    Peace, hp

    atart = start

  2. Hpicasso got the sound and you perfected the feel..very firework like. Enjoyed it. Gay

  3. i love fireworks... goes well with the music