Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sparkly Magical Ruby Shoes

Another days pouring rain bored inside with nothing to gain
SO unpacked from the bags my charity shop find
determined was I to make this pair shine
But to look at them now all worn and torn
soles hanging off bows come undone
colour lacks lustre
leathers gone awry
seen finer days
but I want their wear to be well truly raised
I clear a space for my task to begin, to replace the
scuffed and give it new skin.
I got out my sparkles, glitters and shine
in bright ruby red to make them all mine
Once I began the hours just flew
engrossed was I as inner passions grew.
Sparkle on sparkle in bright ruby red
layer on layer inner souls fed
Heart a flutter as they quickly transformed
to these bright new shoesfrom what was so worn,
Casting aside my comfy flip - flops
the exciteent grew as these were the top
~ Magical even ~ as I'm sure that pair smiled
saying 'click my heels we'll travel the miles'
and so I did and was transported away
to sunnier climes and a much better day
So if you should ask if torrential rain
Then I fulfill desires for soulsful gain.

(c) Libithina


  1. There's no place like home! Or Oz!

  2. Awww - I love the shoes and the promise of other places

    thanks for your precious comments on my site - life is full of the unexpected - those shoes put a smile on many faces as does your poem


  3. This is so full of hope and beautifully fun and magical!...:-)

  4. Oh I love red shoes
    and magic
    and witchy ways
    wonderful uplifting post
    despite the rain

  5. Gotta love how an art project can transport one out of doldrums and into the imaginative fun. Great use of The Wizard of Oz reference to make your metaphor accessible. Very well done.

  6. I'm writing a poem for an anthology about red shoes, & I smiled to read this.