Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Spinning Girl

Not even a breezy breath of a blown leaf,
airless shadows confine
caught in a memory of last recall
capturing moment’s struck dumb from confused.
Talking! was talking before blurring loads into shapeless blobs
stretching spun gigantic wheels in red and green spokes
spinning in teacups to never stop
but that was a flash
outside this boxed in build
oblong cramped, crooked,
encircling hoops refusals to churn
movements fixate were naught can grow
if only that wheel would turn
rolling down doors opening
to a whole new world ~
with running streams trickling into lakes and fields ~
~ freeing skin to breathe ~
Smiles dawns radiating glow halos a new day
Every ending begins ~
with daddy’s girl painting worlds with her magic wand
Ties ribbons around hearts ~
directs oceans tides to sweep the greyest clouds ~
wafts a breeze of cotton candy ~ spinning turns wheels ~
churning flickering leaves ~
capturing types cast
in kilter flowing time ~

Featuring Giorgio de Chirico, 'Mystery and Melancholy of a Street'
dVerse Sunday at the pub ~
Happy Sunday wishes ~ cheers!!


  1. nice flow throughout and another happy one..i like themagic the girl weaves with her wand...spinning downstreets opening doors, freeing streams...i think maybe she brings hope...

  2. yep i too like the magic you write into the girl...i've chosen the same pic but mine was much darker..great to see it through your the cotton candy..

  3. You've got the sense of anti-nature I felt from this painting, but you've put back a sense of balance and normalcy with the girl. I think the style of the piece fits very well with the surrealistic mystique.

  4. I agree that there is a sense of magic, almost whimsy in this poem. Somehow it felt like a warm summer day and I was child on the verge of life.

  5. You gave this picture a warm and cheery touch with that little girl...

    Thanks for the sharing it ~

  6. The flag in the background might be said to flutter but other than that the only movement in the picture is the girl. You've taken that and run with it - become the running girl. Your poem is quick with movement and light.

  7. Yes! This is similar to my own take on this particular painting, but I've been treated to some fantastic dark ones today. Love the light, Lib!

  8. magical poem to a whimsical image of a little girl with hope in her heart ...thank you

  9. I may be seeing something quite different in your poem. Yes, there is definitely a lilting whimsy to this piece but to me I read that your poetry tells the tale of a child escaping into her mind, her imagination if you will, to try to make sense of an ugly situation, to bury the truth of reality. For the fantasy is easier to face then the truth. You see, as a child victim, that is exactly what I did and that is why your piece speaks to me this way. I really enjoyed this very much.