Sunday, 24 July 2011

SHoe Preme

There was once a young lady from Claw
who lived in a cupboard where stored
all of her shoes but many in blues
as that was her fave color of all
Each day at the start
she explored her way through
so she could find for herself
just the right shoe
Maybe in red or perhaps in green
even in yellow. No! she would'nt be seen
always she'd return to her Shoe, Shoe Preme
a number in blue the crop of the cream.
SUnday Silly ~
pub ~ dVerse


  1. hey i remember this one...a shoe preme poem...smiles. always blue shoes...must limit her wardrobe eh?

  2. red shoes sound delicious....

  3. lol - a silly verse indeed. enjoyed the light-heartedness of this. still has me smiling :)

  4. lol..I enjoyed this..a good fun poem! Thanks Lib! :)

  5. I'm smiling! Nice way to start my morning :) Thanks for that! (Ever suffer a word hangover!lol)

  6. Like a refreshing breeze in a smoke-filled room! Let me treat you to a Cosmopolitan! Cheers, Lib!

  7. :)) lovely to hear from you all xx
    yeh she's too in the blue :) Brian but can't have too many shoes lol
    Ohhh like the sound of that Cosmopolitan Jackie ~ ;) 'chinks glasses' in happy cheerss

  8. This is so much fun, libithina. I like how you gave some humor to that shoe sculpture that just seems to demand it. Thanks for linking to dVerse. Hope to see more of you there. Victoria

  9. I love it! After just reading a slew of serious and depressing poems, yours is a feast of fun. Thank you!