Sunday, 11 September 2011

Times' Stream

~ Times’ Streams ~
come take a walk with me
past streets and roads
that no longer exist
kerouac down lifes stream
memoirs canalside
don’t look too far
watching trains through
barriers drawn
crossing the liftbridge
to the edge of dawns isolation
playing chess
tours beauty
quick cover your head
downpours fast
lightening’s red as fire
enhances definitions
here in a glass box no one’s to touch
ownerships incomplete
visionary vanguard
riverside train pulls in
now it’s blossom time
leaves in a spin
books on a bench
persuasions lent
how to reach in from the past
gentle unguarded eyes
surveys city lights
spans panoramics
with moons in between
ten steps back to come so far
she sees, chases snow through fields
climbing steps to a door in a frame
somethngs changed inside
imperceptible but it has
light breezy cools
straightens glass
slides surfaced polish
times passing
cakes with candles
blazing wishes
silence reflects
ponders why
but is timing right
has it passed
too long
sweet sixteen
played guitar sang the chords
wrote the song
but is this the way it should be
papers rustle
smart and funny
take a gander
clean uncluttered
casting within
illumes conception
never disregards environs complexion
connects captivating skylights
Life Works across a warm horizon
man to boy from the future
to pasts were loved
dedication surveys projects built
I appear in a hurry but I just want to know
My guest from the future
How will it go
I know how their past
Shaped future
Skating iced figured eights
Pirouettes they wait and meet again
But it can be over in a second
All those that love that will never see
But what if there is never anyone
Waiting to see
Shades opening
soft gentle palms
Kindest hearts
Saplings grown
From twiglet borne
Letters boxed
Walks past
Remnants shared
Tweaks the real
Holding fast
To hopes that’ll last
Through time
pressed rose persuades
pervading structures
reaches, struggles to grasp
holding on to faith
will it last
waits, travelling time
foresight foretells
hindsight reveals
the paradox of times paradigm
turns back …
© Libithina 11/9/11


  1. diverse poets ~ come together ~ in memoriam ~

  2. Heartfelt, deep, and poignant. It shows how life holds such dreams yet, can be snuffed out in an instant.

  3. Poignant .... A lovely write .... We never know where life takes us....

  4. i hope that hope does carry forward through time...this is an epic write touching many areas...the ice skating was a nice touch on a hot day...smiles....well penned...

  5. ..come take a walk with me
    past streets and roads
    that no longer exist...what a tight intro..gave me shivers..and good that it ended on a hopeful tune

  6. 'something's changed inside
    imperceptible but it has' ~ an amazing, poignant write, Lib. Deep & moving & I loved it. Thank you, my friend. x

  7. Time streams, that was a great intro, really sucked me in all the way through. nice!

  8. A bit of reminiscence, a bit of magic...thanks for the invitation to reflect.

  9. strong piece, deft with imagery and general word-use. Could have used a stanza break or two, but no biggie

  10. Life can lead us to many places and many lands and such a lovely place when we find each other and share our thoughts of this day thank you so much

  11. very nice writing - beautifully melancholic

    arron shilling

  12. Intriguing and unique remembrance, which reads like a tower of streaming consciousness.

  13. A journey beyond words into the soul. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I like the ice skating, and pirouettes they wait and meet again...that was a nice epic piece.

  15. The structure flows on like a river, full of so much more than the water it uses for vehicle. Many rich details here.

  16. what ride along your river...I loved this line "kerouac down lifes stream"

  17. been here already but swinging back through on OLN just to say hey!

  18. the flow of the river, carrying a poignant write..

  19. I'd like to say that your poem, "Times' Streams," just absolutely took me on a journey of memories. In my humble opinion, that is the one constant purpose of poetry, and you just mastered it! I could chronicle every line with a bright, vivid, colorful memory....

    come take a walk with me - 1979, David and I, walking through pastures and orchards on his property in goeppingen, Germany. His dog was with us.

    past streets and roads that no longer exist - A small town cabin I lived in during 1981, now torn down and gone

    memoirs canalside - San Antonio Texas, 2003, allmy children with me, boats cascading through the canal

    watching trains through - 1974, Richmond Indiana, gathering to watch the trains pull through town for photographs

    crossing the liftbridge - 1989, fort Madison, Iowa, my wife and I were pregnant with our first child, visiting her grandmother

    and on and on and on.... I understand your message above about the poem being in memoriam, and I see the date you posted it, but you just took me on a fascinating, wonderful journey Libithia.... And it was lovely... Thank you.....

  20. I love the way you take the reader to your journey but also to their own
    well done Lib

  21. amazing imagery...

    You’ve got superb talent in creative writing,
    Keep it up.

    Please check out short story slam week 10 prompt today.

    It is great to write and entertain our children,
    Don’t you agree?

    Give it a try,
    Let your beautiful imagination fly.

    Happy Autumn!

  22. Powerful and intelligent write. Well done (only just seen this one) Libby x @Libbypoetry