Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Storms to Calm

Up to fifteen feet those waves outstretching
streamed over lorry rooves and grooves in
concrete channels
Raging on lashing, crashed against
seafront harbours
'Never seen them that high before'
a couple commented pushing two wheels
It was almost as if those enraging waves knew what was to come
You were a picture of calm but also one of inner knowing
could you have stopped the trajectory of events that were to come
Did they know you had some kind of control
of a destiny that I wouldn't want to know ~ or be apart ~
Enraged were they trying to get through to you
but to no avail
you went anyway
but at least they tried ~
and I hide inside the memory
taking comfort from this pink and yellow stamened flower ~
(c) Libithina 14/9/11


  1. ah i am glad you can comfort in the after...nice using the waves as the premonition as well...then contrasting that withthe calm of the other...well written...

  2. i really liked the way you introduced color so late. ending with dusted was strong, too. i lovely memory to hide within.

  3. Well written, and so very visual!

  4. Vivid and engaging poetry. Evidently well written.

    Here is my post:

  5. stunning sea imagery.

    love the word choices.

  6. What an intriguing take on the prompt! And excellently worked out, a fine poem.

  7. i love your take on the two photographs in one poem and the ending is just stunning!
    dani ♥

  8. Interesting contrast between those turbulent waves and the soft, calming beauty of a flower

  9. I love the contrasting images you used in this poem. The rage of the ocean waves and the calm of the flower complement each other well. Very strong imagery.

  10. Sometimes life does the battering without the waves...

  11. Waves can calm us down by churning us. I liked this a lot..

    stapled maples

  12. fabulous.
    love the sound of waves..

  13. I love that we can see the same image but all have different eyes. Good work.
    Poetry Jam prompt

  14. I love the imagery in this poem - I can feel the turbulence just reading it.

  15. thankyou all so much for your comments and reads ~ Lib x x

  16. I love these photos and the imagery. You are truly talented. (((Hugs)))