Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sailing Circles

Never ends
Sailing circles
Turning rings
Whirring silently
Winding cogs
springs reversed
Follows down hollows
To dark spaces and
Once held dreams
Ripples in places
Jangling beyond reach now
Where did that time go ?
Where Hands entwined and
Smiles exchanged
funnelling back
Against a current
Fishes in streams
Of a Summers scene
Where Footprints
Impressioning marks
Caresses a cheek
Barefoot hand in hand
We’ll be different
We said
And believed
But we didn’t belong …

But For a moment
It was sublime
and now times breezes
Fan the shadows
Of passions once fed
But they are there
Tucked safe in heart and mind

8.12.2011 © Libithina

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