Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Transitioning

How quickly pictures fade
And images change
From what was before
Rewinds back
Peeling years
The pictures roll
Of a baby boy newly born
With eyes so large
And full of curiosity ..
My child, Mum now Me ..
And Soir de Paris perfume
from a crystal stopper
In midnight blue
dotted behind ears
tucked with auburn curls
Dirndl skirts
Buckled belted
in full patterned rose
stiletto heeled
black plaited patent trim
And bourjois cheeks
In brightest red
Creamed in Ponds
Mascara blocked
Brushed in spit
How I loved the sound
Of the clackety clack
And the heels as they struck
in tiny feet
dressing up
in my Mum’s shoes

8.12.2011 © Libithina

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