Monday, 9 April 2012

Closest Hearts

who will stand beside me
who will be my light
who will shelter from lifes rain
and continue to be a part
some say you're with me everywhere
but I can't really know
but continue to say it always
watching you grow your back to me
you'd come to see what had changed
collar turned up high
gaberdine belted knotted waist
turned and I wondered why
cause' you still had all the knowledge
but your part had ceased to be
no longer could you have an effect
onto this world or to me
they asked me for the answers
of which I could not give
but of that you would have surely known
forged through years
of experience lived is what it was
hard graft through sweat
and grease soaked brow
many times I'm tempted
to say I'll just find out
and I know it's just right there
on the tip and the edge of my tongue
but I just can't quite reach
into that deepest darkest part
for we were two
closest hearts
where now
there beats only

#NaPo 6

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