Monday, 9 April 2012

Modesty Flames

whispering rumours
turning heads in crowds
while hearts stall
bringing it down
passions melting
modesty flames
performing time
comes alive

ostrich feathered fans
tools for playing out painful losses gained
reaches fever pitched deep
unfolds a beating tale
bares all
blasting through tightly closed doors
in spiky keeler heels
comes alive

breathes a brand new walk
shaking struts her stuff
far out of town
leaving speeches
clear she'd ventured out
short skirted shades
gathered waist
black ribboning satin tied
smoking curls spotlight shod
comes alive

shimmying thigh booted legs
rose high kicking tables flamed in passion
charged emotion claiming
gloves stripped
velvet handed favours
straddled chairs bone corsetted
ignites stringed horns burn
smothing grooves turned up slow
marked souls imaged to go
came alive

#NaPo 4

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