Saturday, 26 May 2012

All the Fun of the Fair

laughing rocking clowns welcome all the fun of the fair
jostling crowds
tumble into mirrors that shrink and distort into giggles
plunging pink candy floss
piled high on sticks
sinking into whole faces tastes
crunching on sticky red toffee apples
sucked along kaleidoscopic
musical cacophanies
hooked bobbing ducks to win a prize
rolling balls edges encouraging
in frenzied shouts at
moveable horses
towards the winning line
'Roll Up' 'Roll Up' the carnie cries
with a bowing sweep beckons into
entering the big striped top
blinded by
spitting fire eating charms
eyes adjust
excitedly watching jugglers
and swaying precariously overhead
the man on the high wire
makes a final dash
carefully balanced
walks the old crooked house
with sloping floors
running to take a coconut mat
dragging to slide
down the helter skelter ride
waltzers loving being spun so fast
dodgem cars bumping crashed
a bag of coins for the push 'em offs
then happily trudges on the way home
with a bag of hot battered fish and chips
drenched in salt and vinegar
plucks with puckered fingers
hurrys to catch the last train - - :)


  1. Oh, I hated those waltzers, especially when the guys working them spun the round even faster.
    Gosh, I'd love a bag of fish and chips right now... LOL

    1. I know used to make you so dizzy - 'shares fish and chips' - help yourself (made myself hungry) - :)) hugs Lib

  2. haha...i am standing in the middle of the fair just spinning around and around trying to take it all in...a little dizzy but i will def take some fish n chips...yum!!!! lots of great fair touches in this....

  3. I had so much fun going to the fair with you, but why did you make me eat those salt and vinegar chips?

    Seriously, I love this. = )

  4. Love all the sights, sounds, tastes in your poem! I'll hold the drinks, though. I get dizzy and sick on spinny rides! Also hold the vinegar on my fish and chips-but lots of salt!

  5. you manage to celebrate, describe and enliven so many apsects of the carnival

    verification makes it really hard to comment. you'd get more comments if you turned it off. i had to do this several times to get it to work.

  6. you took us right there...even smelled it and heard the sounds...had fish and chips with salt and vinegar when i was in brighton...hmmmmm...

  7. I like the sights and sounds of the fair, and that fish and chips are delicious, on the last train ~

    Great poem ~ Happy Sunday ~

  8. You can't beat fish and chips in paper as the crowds and lights wave away the aroma

  9. It's been a long time since I've visited a fair but you took me right back again...with all the tastes, sounds and sights. Excellent job on your stream of consciousness, Lib..I loved it.

  10. Loved all the details you shared here! You made the fair come alive. Nice write!

  11. You definitely created the carnival atmosphere with all your great sensory details. Lib. By the way, I'm still a bit wary of clowns, or santas, or anything I can't "read." Control issues, I guess. :0)

  12. My favorite act are the jugglers too, and the elephants. you capture these moments well including the fish and chips. I'am glad I stop by, this put a smile on face for sure.

    1. so glad you did too 'sharing fish and chips' - Mmmmmmmmm love lib

  13. You brought out all the acts giving forth many fair facts, feel like I went to the fair after reading at your lair.

    1. heehe that was such a fair comment on the fair at the fair - :)) - have a great day Pat x x Hugs Lib