Sunday, 21 November 2010

Heart Soared Flight

Coloured flecks strides on pinnacled rock
pushes another scales the top
wide screen amazes
taps visual force
surround ~ sounds ~ echo
Wonders outloud
inside every moment
deeper than oceans
clear crystal eternal light
to ignite and guide
to find, Faith, Belief
in a rainbows bend
golden crowned
soft pink hued ~ shepherds found
on hearts that crooned delight
will find evermore ~ in awe of
sight at hearts scaled flight
wings outsplayed to soar
(c) ~ Lib ~

ONe Stop Poetry Image curtesy of Trent Chau
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  1. Great flow and internal rhymes therein. Excellent response to the challenge! Cheers

  2. 'wide screen amazes', is such a fun line, as is 'surround ~ sound ~ echo.'

  3. Love the 'surround - sounds - echo Wonders aloud' Beautiful imagery.

  4. Like your view of the hikers as colored flecks. "Outsplayed" is a very nice word to have come up with for this, too.

  5. shepherds found
    on hearts that crooned delight

    Love this line!

    And thanks for dropping by my place too!

  6. i do love it and love that i've read it twice and could read it 10 more times and still find more...catch it more...

    i was struck with the vastness and 'eternity' as I focused in my own on did this so well

    thanks for stopping by mine too--be blessed

  7. Enjoyed this and love the pic too.