Sunday, 7 November 2010

One of a KInd

ONE of a kind,
as thoughts meander mindful dreams ~
Not what it seemed of lies hidden truth that’s now revealed
Down amongst rocks waves puddling pools
But who laid them down
to shape into rules ~
Jagged they tear into mans very being
Accept how it is as can’t be all seeing
Beyond horizons new worlds conceal
Perhaps change is rule
which reels the real deal
Isolating droplets of fresh morning dew
Maybe that’s all there’s really to do
Drips self containing dew jewels ever raining
Adds to infinity and all that is true
Insignificance pales newest bright light day
Igniting flames fanning sparks of highway
Embrace then whatever courses your way
But keeping a thought to change when it’s needed
Rules maybe rules but YOU know what your creed is.
© Libithina 7/11/10


  1. Lovely image courtesy from Andy llachinski @One Stop Poetry ~ Inspiring ~ picture prompt ~ thanks Andy ~ enjoyed it ~ Have a great week everyone

  2. beautiful take on the prompt - i esp. enjoyed the last two lines...they are really strong

  3. I agree with Claudia on the last two lines. Like the ocean's tides we are always changing, yet becoming more true to who we are. Blessings.

  4. Love the strength in this, especially the end. Nice write.

  5. a wonderful write truly inspired by a wonderful prompt...thanks for taking the challenge...this was just beautiful...pete

  6. 'as thoughts meander mindful dreams' ~ love that line.

  7. I'm with Gigi Ann -- love that line.

    Really love this whole poem!

    And thanks for dropping by my place -- so lovely to meet you!

  8. I feel as if you took all the words in this poem, rattled them in a dice box, and then threw them all out in an unlikely but amazing order. Nice.

  9. There's some fun word play here in reel and real. But I especially like the phrase "flames fanning sparks of highway."

  10. thankyou so much everyone for stopping by and for all your very kind and much appreciated words ~
    It was a lovely image ~ and I so enjoyed ~ Lib xx

  11. thanks Tammy for stopping by and your kind words

  12. @onestoppoetry #sundaypoem ~@Onestoppoetry #poetry Picture Prompt from #photographer Andy Ilachinski—#photography| Pics & poems sundae

  13. Love the strength and bit of pathos

    thanks for your support of One Stop

  14. sort of magical
    but grounded
    pretty good trick!