Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hope ~less

ONE smile to cheer,
ONE face to light,
faces come,go but where's the sight
of 'stuff' to cling
no world to build around
everything here has gone to ground
but here's the thing, where did it end?
from moonlight kisses
did that ever lend?
itself to me. Do I have that thing that misses
that one little thing what this is
Oh, what's it called ~ damn I can't recall,
Oh yes that little thing called Hope.
Well, it's all in the bag
that's right beside
a kiss to build, a dream to ride.
will it feed ~ can I believe
that smiling care,
but those that pass don't see me there.
I'm human you see,
I'm real and I feel
true maybe I'm smelly
with shoes unheeled
and even unhinged,
who knows anymore what's really real. Would you?
But faster falls the darkness grows
help has failed and comforts flown
helpless with every passing hour
I can't hold on, replete of power
I'm sinking, I'm reaching please take
my hand, clutching out fingers full splayed
I stand and want to blast out the shadows of gloom
but I'm falling fast, do you hAVE HEART ROOM
to be beside, hold a piece of my broken inside
can you light a spark because I have none
scorched as I am burnt tear drenched from pain
but the merest shred of kindness gained
would shake and tremble fears cold vice,
could you spare a care,
cause that sure would be nice
(c) Libithina

from @OneStopPoetry ~ One stop Sunday ~


  1. so moved by those images @moondustwriter (and so loved your write) ~ @OneStopPoetry ~ OneStopSunday ~

  2. this little thing called small and means the world...very nice take on the prompt libithina, glad you linked up with one stop

  3. Loved it, it's more like the man with hope even though he's down on his luck <3

  4. thanks Claudia for stopping by, yes you said it, what do we have without Hope xx Lib

  5. thankyou for reading @doubtfulpoet ~ yes hope ~ ful ~ even though his situation is hope ~ less ~ Lib

  6. I liked that 'hope' has been 'bagged' with all the person's material belongings. Really ties in with the theme of the prompt.

  7. Thanks for linking up with One Shoot! Your response to the prompt is much appreciated - good flow, strong voice, with a tempo that builds as the poem surges on.

  8. thanks Allie for stopping by ~ yes 'bagged' with what little he had left

  9. thanks too Chris and to all for your kind words ~ have a great week everybody ~ Lib

  10. Moving images within your words carry powerful emotions.

  11. the merest shred of kindness gained
    would shake and tremble fears cold vice

    Kindness is the one thing that costs nothing...

  12. Love the picture of the broken inside...

    Thanks for the thoughtful write