Sunday, 29 May 2011

Framed in Blue

If I could turn myself around
upside down hanging in the sky
and look down at me lying amongst the hard, black asphalt.
Would that make it any better,
me sky walker, cloud burster,
framed in blue,
could peep through
rather than hit the deck of solid mass.
Stepping back to 'look at the bigger picture'
with just the tiniest bit of vision,
profoundly impacting,
pounding out a different path,
radiating patterns from chaos,
symmetries fractiously knitting
together meaning, for correlation.
Tracking horizons
for key elements of harmonics,
processing frequencies
to control and stabilise
cleaning and finely tune ~
zooming out and in ~
freezing scenes ~
rotating angles, grooving seals and curves
smoothing out structures to reaffirm
participating interlacing data,
encrypting, decoding, unravelling,
discovering, valued insights ~
Spiriting in the sky ~
common ground breaking through,
travelling far in one spot,
without moving,
gazing below at high flying jets,
The world that we make is only one shot ~
Harmonics open in lush green
doorways to dimensions of portals
previously unmined and unseen ~
Wanna join the ride ~ ~

(c) Libithina

credit for photography to Scott Wydden ~ thankyou Scott ~

featuring @Onestoppoetry

)0( Norb xx


  1. Rising above looking down, I'm game. Your use of photographic language is brilliant. Love this piece. Thanks

  2. Playful use of the picture in the images of the poem

  3. I love this stream of consciousness type write. Your opening lines were fabulous and turned me on my head to see what you had seen.

  4. i much like the perspective in your opening lines - hanging from the blue sky and watching yourself lying on the asphalt...very nice..also the zooming in and out

  5. I also like the prespective in your opening lines - very nice.

  6. nice...i think often if we could change our perspective...walk the skies...we might be a bit better off...

  7. thankyou everyone for taking the time to read and for all your much appreciated comments ~ enjoyed this and my reads too as always ~ Lib ~ Have a great week everyone

  8. I'm in !!
    Love the feel to this, well written !

  9. thanks JL&B turning the world on it's head

  10. I could fly out into that scene, any day.

  11. When I first saw this photo, I wondered if the perspective was looking up or looking down. I think you've convinced me it's looking up. Well done.

  12. Yes I do! I liked the ride.

  13. Such beautiful prose.
    Thanks for following, and I am happy to have found your blog. I look forward to reading more!

  14. This photo also fascinated me--you've done great work with it, really giving an immediate sense of being outside it all and looking down, yet still inextricably part of it. (I love it that you lie 'amongst' not 'on' the asphalt.)

  15. what a ride - gosh makes me want to bungee jump...