Sunday, 1 May 2011

Silence Speaks

windswept undulations
shaping formed
features steps
seemingly teetering
espied in orange crested waves.
Crimping harsh realities
but life affirmed
unravelling scenes of
vastness viewed
space and room to be blown,
to dance,
enraptured in seclusion,
lightness of touch
barely marbling sandied grains,
rapidly glimpsing shadows,
the unseen listener,
the watcher,
to what appears barren
sees life,
as not so much teems but
in changes of glorious light
shifts in moving sands,
gestures unity,
giving a voice to the unnoticed,
averting gazed shrouded in mystique
but within his eyes he silently speaks.

(c) Libithina

Images kind permission of Rosa Frei
featuring @One Stop Poetry


  1. with your dance image, you give the desert a lightness amidst its harsh realities..beautiful

  2. "Crimping harsh realities
    but life affirmed"

    That's such an excellent transitional part within a great composite of sound, imagery, and feeling. As an aside, Lib, I was tempted to writing about that 2nd pic b/c it's just so cool but it reminds me a bit of one of the vehicles from Empire Strikes back. lol Anyway, wonderful work.
    "barely marbling sandied grains,
    rapidly glimpsing shadows,"
    Very nice!

  3. love the flow of your voice to the unnoticed...i try to go that myself...i like it...beautiful

  4. Beautiful rhythm, like a song! Thank you!

  5. Quite a capturing piece, really lovely flow and it graced the sands of desert isolation beautifully! ~ Rose

  6. Love the same line as Dustus...Crimping of harsh realities....that captures the whole feel of the photo...the sands shrouded...very nice..bkm

  7. What a great post for this prompt. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I look forward to following your posts.


  8. Wow! Just wanted to call over and say thanks for following my blog, especially since it led me here. This is just the perfect blog to sit back with a hot cup of tea and get lost for an hour or two. Such wonderful words!

    Roisin x

  9. OMG! Just fell in love with the poem... Awesome. Do visit my blog and leave your footprints by posting comments