Sunday, 17 July 2011

Magic of the Faerie Queen

See how slowly she moves
catching at heady rose and musk perfume
nectar delights her gossamered fleur
natures framed
hearts to care
whispers love, hope
and lightness of thought
rippling soft and slow
onto crystal dreams
of sacred silver lakes
sprinkled in blossoms of cherry white
for her form to grace
tracing curves of slenderest waist
and lips that plead
pulsing hearts receive
How shall I call you ?
My star guiding light
sparkling as morning dew
cupped in lush grasses
tenderest root juiced
and eagerly being
whirled, enflamed,
giddyness barely contains
urges to reach
to touch
My Angel
My All
fanning fagrances to
pathe your way
seeks to sealing
promises for all our days
Then come sparkling star
wakening sleepy fields
and rushing falls onto streams
where birds sing and call
a gown prepared of the finest
spun golden filaments
clasped in emerald
matching eyes of green
and slippers of softest moss
caressing your feet
Believing declare
no beauty to compare
Such is the Magic of the Faerie Queen.

(c) Libithina

many thanks to Rosie for the stunning image
from a wonderful collection ~ inspired by her
love of weddings ~ magical ~
and to @onestoppoetry Sunday a special thanks

Waving out to all of my friends with hugs and love


  1. Lots of really great images:
    gossamered fleur
    of sacred silver lakes
    sprinkled in blossoms of cherry white

    The Faerie Queen was a surprise and delightful ending.

  2. Love the imagery throughout your piece. Beautiful words, beautiful write....

    Check out Brian's stuff, he and Claudia are starting a new site on the 19th... dVerse ~Poets Pub. They had a soft opening yesterday. Looks to be keeping the comraderie going and a great place for us all to meet up still.

  3. smiles...thank you reflections for the promo...

    gorgeous imagery through out this for sure...nice engaging all the senses as well...fanning fragrance...smiles. she is a beaut...

  4. Emotional flow to your poem that seems to build speed as I read it. Powerful. Indeed full of wonderful imagery; it's also melodic, libithina. Great write!

  5. Beautiful, otherwordly imagery, Libithinia. I just loved this line: "...nectar delights her gossamered fleur..." wish I'd written that, and I hardly ever wish that. ;_)

  6. ♥༺✫♥ ŞƜƐƐƮ ƊƦƐƛMŞ Faerie Queen ☆❀☆
    Libby, when I saw that you had posted, I knew you would pick this photo! I had company all weekend, with no time to steal away to write, but I was drawn to this image as well...Love what you spun enchanting images.

    ~.^ H

  7. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Libithina! Such gorgeous imagery ~ the picture is lovely too! Thank you for your visit & kind words ~ they are much appreciated :-) I look forward to reading more of your *beauty*!