Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pub Grub ~ Drinks in Blue

we'd chop up the onions
and slice up the cheese
cut through the cobs
crisp as you please
lashings of butter
thickly laid
soft fresh bread
newly made
the smell lingers still
as we piled them up high
for customers
to try
so along with my cobs
and perhaps a crisp or two
I'd like to raise a toast to all of you
with drinks in blue
cheers !!!
(c) Libithina

for dVerse Poets
new beginnings ~ at the pub


  1. cheers! i will raise one with you! great to see you at dverse....tuesday is coming!

  2. Yay! So happy you made it! I'll drink to this indeed! Nothing better than breaking bread and sharing drinks over grand poetic conversations! Welcome to the pub! :)

  3. ha yes - let's raise the glasses and drink to a new adventure.. thanks for popping in and looking forward to seeing you on tuesday

  4. I'll take a blue or two with you, Lib. Cheers!