Saturday, 29 October 2011

Do you Stand Alone ?

Do you stand alone ?

Oh No, not I,

I strive a stride to colour your soul,
tuning platforms
that rise to call
your core,
your core, are we toned,
rhythyms explore
harmonies now blend,
smoke wisping reels,
splashing teemed
rain shakes hair locks free
abandons falls,
to killer heels
struts to swaggers call
to eyes now lock
searing takes stirred on the rocks
desires wait, unsure delays
red lips pale,
quivering blows chilling gales
through window panes
of souls renewed,
in tandem now entwines,
fuels imbibes interlaced
tangos mean't to embrace
with a smooth and ease.

Inspired by Dave Stewart ~ Candy Dulphur ~ Lily was Here
chilling at DVerse ~
'Mystery Dance'
by Art by Mart (c)with special thanks


  1. tangos mean't to embrace indeed...think it's one of the most passionate dances i know...when rhythms explore and harmonies blend..that's music..

  2. Oh I agree, a tango is one of the most passionate dances. This is a lovely twirl of words that also dance. Good and bad, dark and light, all blend into one.
    No, we are never alone :)
    Lovely write.

  3. nice...lots of action and description all the on....

  4. I really enjoyed thos one, especially the last two lines.

  5. the music certainly is inspiring in this, beautiful

  6. I love the music and movement that runs through these beautifully penned lines!

  7. to me, it seemed like there was an effort to get to where the dance was smooth. that at first, time went so slowly for the dancers, discerning each action that it required to get to the zone. and then, they were there, and the dance became passion in a smooth syrup.

  8. I feel the music in your words, the dance. Yes, tango....nothing more beautiful than this dance well done or written about.

  9. Lib! Totally caught up and swept away by the write! Nice play on the prompt as well....and I received Inspiration Speaks! It's a beautiful book!

  10. ying and yang in total harmony through dance ....beautiful ...thank you x

  11. Very nice imagery in this one; it's tough to describe a dance in words, but I think you did well here. A frozen moment of movement capturing the emotions and the spirit of the dance. Enjoyed this.

  12. Tangos are such wonderful dances - your words dance to the rhythm of a tango most delightfully and dramatically

  13. Hmmm very nice... I wish I could dance a tango!

  14. Tango
    a conversation

    this piece is jazzy.
    flows w/rhythm.
    with words.

    good piece.

  15. Incredible blog. Only just found you, shall come again when I have more time.

  16. I do like the tango dance steps.. complicated but dazzling ~

    Nice one ~

  17. I liked this a lot. I considered writing a musical piece but imagining it I ran into some problems. I think yours is all here; however, I think if you formatted it differently, you could add that tension one has in the tango and more clearly detail the two voices or entities. It's quite beautiful and musical but a tiny bit of tweaking the lines/indentions might make it better. Just a thought! Well done.

  18. Takes two to tango and you sure did that, really enjoyed by Pat and the cat, maybe thos estippy witches too, but not sure you want them to come and visit you..haha

  19. A blend of opposities, entwined in a tango. Great dance!

  20. A tango is a conversation in itself. Lovely!


  21. Beautiful. Love the wording and imagery. I'll be back for plenty of visits in the future. Happy Halloween!

  22. Thankyou you all for your lovely comments and reads ~ I so appreciate it :) ~
    wishing you all a Happy New Day of this New Month and Pagan New Year #joy and #abundance ~ Lib x x x