Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Echo Breezes Universal

Hovering between worlds rising steps
In discords, percepts causations, suggests
Taking rides running down what can’t come back
Appeals to counsels with an obvious lack of choices
Gone awry
Shutters the eyes and looks within
Stripped of emotions
fleeting glimpses
rising stars
Considers interest
Especially structured of belief and love
More than minute sparks, coursing events,
Shaping vibrant humour, chained circumstance
Celestially fired, ‘for want of a horse shoe nail’
Prejudiced, advancing dimensions of time,
Enamoured, provokes a truth to prove not hide and trust
To take that chance
To make that move
Of ties that bind
Putting assunder
Breezes find that Universal Laws of love and truth
echoes forever

© Libithina 4/10/2011


  1. I would love for you to make this into a haiku
    wonderful nuggets here...enjoyed

  2. A lovely voyage through the inner and outer cosmos with you.
    Thank you for visiting me and the lovely comments.

  3. "Shaping vibrant humour, chained circumstance" I love this line...and the flow of the whole poem really. Thanks for stopping by.