Tuesday, 18 October 2011


fly on my fearless Dragonheart swallowed into dusky dark skys uncharted alone on silver, painted wings, lapis lazuli tipped and laced with gold
experience has taught many things.
of seas that tide to sands where moons take rest
when trailing takes its darkest turns fear facing heads on best
where unicorns graze with noble bearing flies on to where the phoenix nest
to watch it rise from ashes dashed by days events turns to
golden treasures harvested stored in mind and heart, freed of mundane thought
here knows of Goblin smiles down crooked stiles to woodland sprites gifts faery brought.

And when the cause for good is lost, she’ll cry out loud
from whipping, gashed with sticks and stones
ragged cuts, jagged, jarred of knotted breath, vision blurred
stumbling, falls, when a distant voice is heard to calling stir
‘fight on’ as purple tendrils wisping curl,
Licking wounds
snorts hoofing
raking pains of Mother loss, found blows from foes of dragonkind
but this dragon flies keeping hearts and minds
to teach, to love, and learn, supporting paths yet undefined. defys
spiralling down darkest trails facing fears that may prevail,
And although her body may weaken
her resolve will never brake,
for she’ll spread her wingspan forever,
whilst others stand in her wake
I watch her fly outside of myself and
if I
like she
could face such a fear
for just
one time,
then I could truly be

(c) Libithina
image copyright with thanks to Art by Mart(c)


  1. i love all the beautiful imagery.

  2. Face the fear and become a dragonheart then you will have none as you can breath fire burning all who tick you off..haha

    Wonderful verse!

  3. :) lol Pat *smiles* ty Pat

    thankyou Matt, very kind

  4. I think you just did face your fear, you created and beat it right here.
    Lovely story of courage and facing our fear.

  5. I love this,Lib. Thank you for your sweet comment. I hope all is well with you. :)

  6. this is lovely... this is what we hope for- to be brave and fly freely.

    thanks for your kind words too - i really appreciate it ~

  7. I'm smiling, Lib, as my poem for dVerse also has reference to the dragon. Victoria

  8. quite a fantasy tale - love the images

  9. nice...i love dragons...and facing fears...it makes you all the stronger you know...of that you are...smiles.

  10. I love this write Lib. It is what you do so well, dragons, unicorns, fairies..the golden, jeweled imagry of it all, and the message of the wish to be courageous, brave. Really a beautiful, imaginative piece!

  11. Beautiful story of courage...love the imagery, Lib
    'on silver, painted wings, lapis lazuli tipped and laced with gold' ~ gorgeous :)

  12. Loved it ... my daughter had an imaginary friend and imaginary dragons as a kid ....I think this has equipped her to be fearless in her work ..thanks for the lovely grown up fantasy tale x x x

  13. Love it. I'm co-writing an epic fantasy story right now but my dragons aren't quite as personable. Love the fighting fears and the vivid imagery as well.


  14. flying on silver painted wings and licking wounds- does this go together? it does..love how you paint the dragon here...so strong..so vulnerable - just like we are...facing the fear, flying on...loved it lib

  15. Lovely, lovely imagery, Lib....strong sentiment and worth here.

    Never come across dragons as admirable as this one.

    Lady Nyo

  16. such a great job at facing all your fears this one sometimes is so hard to do

  17. You had me at dragons and lapis lazuli (my inlaid wedding ring has it, sapphire, and malachite in it). The message of empowerment and the imagery are fantastic.

  18. phantasmagorical

  19. Dragons put up with a lot, don't they...... yes, I'd say you are a dragonheart!

  20. Oh I remember this one, yummy :)!

  21. You have such a wonderful and vivid awareness of these lands! I really enjoy how much they come alive in your words, making them so real on the page. Excellent stuff.

  22. smiles...i remember this one as well....love dragons...have since i was young and always loved stories of them as well....thank you for being a part of what we are all doing at dverse...smiles.

  23. Woooo...great flying! Nice poem, all wrapped up in it.